The iTN8600-A is a new intelligent all-services access and transmission platform oriented to future networks.
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The iTN8600-A is a new intelligent all-services access and transmission platform oriented to future networks. By integrating Ethernet switch, MPLS-TP features and OTN cross connection, it helps carriers carry multiple types (FE/GE/10GE etc.) of services on one platform, and provides a complete solution to MAN access and aggregation.

• Support centralized switching processing of packet services. The maximum supported capacity of the system is 300 Gbit/s
• Support up to 96 x GE, 24 x 10GE
• Support service models such as EPL, EVPL, EPLAN, EVPLAN, EPTREE and EVPTREE
• Support MPLS-TP-based packet service processing and MPLS-TP OAM processing
• Support LSP linear 1:1 protection and PW 1:1 protection
• Support Ethernet interface LAG, ELPS and ERPS protection
• Support 48 link aggregation groups, each of which supports a maximum of 8 members
• Support SS-PW and MS-PW
• Support VPWS and VPLS. The VPLS VSI supports MAC, black and white list, storm suppression, and broadcast rate limiting
• Support Layer 2 MAC, VLAN, QinQ, link aggregation, storm suppression, interface mirroring, interface protection, loop detection, L2CP, CFM, EFM and ACL
• Support QoS, traffic shaping, queue scheduling, CAR, traffic policy, and MPLS QoS
• Support SLA testing and support Y.1731
• Support querying and modifying the interface mode (UNI or NNI)
• Support configuring the MTU, flow control, number of received and sent packets, and loopback mode for the interface
• Compliant with SDN standard

NMS switching card
• iTN8600-A-NXU: iTN8600-A NMS switching card
• iTN8600-V-NTU: iTN8600-V NMS card
• iTN8600-AUX: Auxiliary interface card, used in cooperation with the iTN8600-A-NXU

OTN card
• iTN8600-AO2DE: 8-way ANY service aggregation OTU2 card
• iTN8600-MX2: 2-way OTU2 line card
• iTN8600-A-MX4: 4-way OTU2 line card
• iTN8600-XD2D: 2-way 10GE service OTN forwarding card

PTN card
• iTN8600-A-PG8: 8-way GE service interface card
• iTN8600-A-PX4: 4-way 10GE service interface card

SDH card
• iTN8600-A-SH2: The aggregation card supports multiple interface modes: 2 STM-16 interfaces; 4 STM-4 interfaces; 1 STM-16 interface and 2 STM-4 interfaces
• iTN8600-SG8: 8-way or 15-way FE EOS tributary card. When the TSFP dual-way optical module is used, 15 interfaces can be used (the last one cannot be used). When other optical modules are used, 8 interfaces can be used
• iTN8600-A-SG8D: 8-way GE EOS tributary card
• iTN8600-SS8: 8-way STM-1/STM-4 tributary card

Optical card
• iTN8600-DM16E: 16-wavelength DWDM multiplexing card
• iTN8600-DMU40: 40-wavelength DWDM multiplexing card
• iTN8600-DD16E: 16-wavelength DWDM demultiplexing card
• iTN8600-DDU40: 40-wavelength DWDM demultiplexing card
• iTN8600-OMD8: 8-wavelength CWDM multiplexing and demultiplexing card
• iTN8600-DAD4D: DWDM 4-way dual-fiber bidirectional optical add/drop multiplexing card
• iTN8600-DAD8D: WDM 8-way dual-fiber unidirectional optical add/drop multiplexing card
• iTN8600-FDU: 2-way OSC multiplexing card
• iTN8600-OLP: Optical line 1+1 protection card
• iTN8600-OTU5: 5-way bidirectional wavelength conversion card
• iTN8600-OTU5E: 5-way enhanced bidirectional wavelength conversion card
• iTN8600-OPA: EDFA optical Pre-amplifier card
• iTN8600-OBA: EDFA optical Booster amplifier card
• iTN8600-OBA20: EDFA optical Booster amplifier card
• iTN8600-OLA20: EDFA optical Line amplifier card
• iTN8600-OBP: Power failure bypass protection card
• iTN8600-OCM: OTDR fiber detection card

PON aggregation card
• iTN8600-LEO2D: 8-way OLT-side EPON aggregation card
• iTN8600-LGO2D: 8-way OLT-side GPON/EPON aggregation card
• iTN8600-NO2D: 8-way ONT/ONU-side GPON/EPON aggregation card