ISCOM2100(-PWR) Series
The ISCOM2100 series of access switches provides carrier-grade layer 2 connectivity. With up to 48 x FE downlink ports, up to 4 x GE uplink ports and PoE options, the ISCOM2100 is a cost-effective access solution for any enterprise, campus or residential network.
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The ISCOM2100 series switch has multiple interface types, such as ISCOM2110EA-MA (8FE + 2 x GE Combo), ISCOM2118EA-MA (16FE + 2 x GE Combo), ISCOM2128EA-MA (24FE + 4 x GE Combo), ISCOM2126F (26 FE SFP + 4 x GE Combo).

It offers key access features such as port-based/selective QinQ, VLAN mapping, advanced Access Control List (ACL) and bandwidth management policies that facilitate customizable Quality of Service (QoS). They provide solutions for FE access of enterprises, campuses, residences.

In addition, this series includes the ISCOM2100-PWR Carrier Grade PoE switch: ISCOM2110EA-MA-PWR (8 x FE PoE + 2 x GE Combo), ISCOM2118EA-MA-PWR (16 x FE PoE + 2 x GE Combo), and ISCOM2128EA-MA-PWR (24 x FE PoE + 4 x GE Combo). The ISCOM2100-PWR PoE switches offer a power supply for power demand (PD) devices such as wireless Access Point (AP).

• VLAN, QinQ, ACL per port/VLAN/CoS
• IGMP, MVR, Multicast-filtering, DHCP, IPv6 and TACACS+
• STP and Ethernet Ring (50ms switch-over)
• CLI, Telnet and SNMP (NView compatible)










Port type

Uplink: 2 x GE Combo

Downlink: 8 x FE RJ45(PoE)

Uplink: 2 x GE Combo

Downlink: 16 x FE RJ45(PoE)

Uplink: 4 x GE Combo

Downlink: 24 x FE RJ45(PoE)

Uplink: 4 x GE Combo

Downlink: 24 x FE SFP

Management interface

1 SNMP interface, 1 Console interface, 1 out-of-band interface


260(L) ×130(W) × 43.6(H)

PoE: 300(L) × 220(W) × 43.6(H)

210(L) x 210(W) x 43.6(H)

PoE: 440(L) × 300(W) × 43.6(H)

440(L) x 220(W) x 43.6(H)

PoE: 440(L) × 300(W) × 43.6(H)

440(L) × 220(W) × 43.6(H)



PoE: <2.5

< 1.3

PoE: <4.8


PoE: <4.8

< 3.0

Max Power consumption


PoE: 150w

124w Power supply


PoE: 440w

370w Power supply


PoE: 440w

370w Power supply



Power: single AC/DC

Fan: no fan design (except PoE)

Working temperature: 0–50°C

Relevant humidity: 10%–90% RH (non-condensing)

Voltage range: AC 220V(100~240V), DC 48V(-36~-72V)

anti-thunder (cable port): 6kv

MTU: 9216B



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