The ultimate goal of developing a network management system is to maximize the network efficiency and minimize the operation costs. Raisecom RCView is designed with FCAPS management and referring to TMN architecture. It supports various northbound interfaces for interfacing with Upper-Level NMS/OSS/BSS. Raisecom RCView runs on Linux OS and adopts Browser/Server structure.
Raisecom RCView is composed by different function components and different EMS for different Raisecom product families. It supports topology management, inventory management, configuration management, alarm management, performance management, security management, log management and customer management. It provides a data center function to help customer easily plan element backup/upgrade in batch. It also provides self-management for the server to keep monitoring the system and guarantee a health running.
The deployment of Raisecom RCView can be very flexible. It can be deployed in stand-alone, HA, cluster, and HA + cluster mode. The deployed system can be easily adjusted and upgraded to support an ever-growing large-scale network.