The ultimate goal of developing a network management system is to maximize the network efficiency and minimize. This software is designed referring to FCAPS which TMN architecture and supports northbound interfaces for integration with Upper-Level NMS/OSS/BSS. The Raisecom NView NNM system is a Browser/Server system. Google Chrome and Firefox are supported.

This software can be deployed as EMS (Element Management System) to manage Raisecom network products with SNMP agent built in. The Raisecom NView NNM system contains topology, inventory, configuration, customer, fault, performance, security components and can manage sub-networks which structured by Raisecom network products and The Raisecom NView NNM system supports NBI for upper level NMS/OSS/BSS too. At the same time, we support SNMP MIBS to our partners for third parity EMS or NMS managing Raisecom products directly.

The Raisecom NView NNM system will support system HA, components' clustering and load balancing.