Raisecom Cloud-Network Convergence Solution Awarded from China Telecom A8C and IPRAN U Equipment Procurement Bid

As the South Gate of China and the strongest province in China’s economic development, Guangdong has always been the most competitive market among the telecom operators. China Telecom has naturally taken its largest provincial branch for the front-runner in the government-enterprise business. The new-generation enterprise gateways A8C and IPRAN CPE (access ring network) are particularly important to implement its cloud reform strategy. 

Implement Comprehensive Access with Raisecom IP MPLS Device iTN8800-A

The iTN8800-A is the latest multi-service and high-capacity packet access device launched by Raisecom. It uses IP MPLS technology as the core, provides multiple interfaces, such as 100GE, 25GE, 10GE, GE/FE, and supports unified management with Raisecom terminal devices, and comprehensive access and unified bearing of mobile backhaul services, government and enterprise leased line services, Internet and cloud leased line services, and high-definition video surveillance services.

Simplify Service Delivery & Achieve Multi-Service Aggregation with RAX721-A

Raisecom RAX721-A is a compact L2/L3 aggregation device, providing 4 x 10G SFP+ ports and 24 x 1G SFP ports in standard 1U enclosure. It is optimized for metro access and aggregation scenarios, leased-line service delivery, and multi-service aggregation. Standard E-Line, E-LAN, E-Tree and E-Access models and the support of OAM & SLA features greatly simplify service delivery and monitoring for service providers. 

Make Flexible Service Delivery & Reliable Mobile Backhaul with RAX711-C-R

Raisecom RAX711-C-R is a compact 10G NID providing 4 x 10G SFP+ network interfaces and 12 x 1G SFP user interfaces in half 19” space. It can work as a 10G EDD or an MPLS PE device. It is designed for 1G/10G leased-line service delivery and 4G/5G mobile backhaul. The support of standard CE2.0 services (E-Line, E-LAN, E-Tree, E-Access), various service models over MPLS (VPWS, VPLS, H-VPLS, L3VPN), and advanced OAM, SLA, resiliency features, ensures service providers great flexibility and reliability in service design and deployment. Temperature hardened HW design and the support of SyncE make RAX711-C-R ready for mobile backhaul.