As the core of the smart home, the router can be connected to various smart terminals, such as TV, phone, pad, speaker, STB, Xbox, VR glasses, etc. These demands put many requirements on the router. For performance and multi-terminal access scenario, Raisecom DR series router uses high-quality CPU and Wi-Fi chips. For far different categories of family members, DR series router implements access control, such as parental control (teenage mode). For covering different types of houses, we use multiple antennas, even mesh networking technology to achieve full coverage. For the use of equipment, we have implemented a three-step fast configuration and also provided safety guarantees. The DR series of wireless network router launched by the Raisecom intelligent networking terminal product line aims to meet the needs of smart home, via access fiber to home, network full coverage in a house, combine intelligent control, information exchange and consumption services effectively, provide uses with complete, high performance, reliable, standard innovative broadband service experience.