The iTN8600-II is a new intelligent all-service access and transmission platform designed to future-proof networks.
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The iTN8600-II is a new intelligent all-service access and transmission platform designed to future-proof networks. The iTN8600 series integrates OTN cross connection, MPLS-TP and SDH features and provides integrated all-service access, and flexible multi-core cross connection and scheduling. Operators can use it to transport multiple types of services on one platform, including leased line, FTTX, and LTE services. Altogether, it provides a complete solution for MAN access and aggregation.

The iTN8600 is perfect for mobile fronthaul, enabling mobile operators aiming to minimize OPEX and expand radio coverage. It allows carriers to multiplex up to 30 2/3/4G CPRIs and extend reach to over 25km.

An advanced new chip multiplexes 8 x EPON or 4 x GPON OLT ports into OTU2, and that traffic can be transmitted over a WDM or OTN network over 45km to extend GPON/EPON coverage and to save up to 90% of fiber. Compatible with Raisecom’s RAX series products, iTN8600 can be deployed in a point to point and ring topology for various applications. It is commonly used for service provider OTN edge aggregation, mobile backhaul and fronthaul, data center interconnect as well as high capacity business connectivity. The product can be managed by a GUI- based NView NNM system to simplify configuration and monitor performance in real-time.

• Universal switching and flexible grooming for OTN, SDH, and packet services
• All service access capability, including E1, STM1/4/16/64, OC-192, FE/GE, 10GE, OTU1/OTU2, CPRI, OBSAI, FC-1G/2G/4G/8G/10G, EPON/GPON, etc.
• Maximum DWDM 40λ x 10G Line capacity
• 120G packet switching capability
• All service access capability, including E1, STM1/4/16/64, OC-3/12/48/192, FE/GE, 10GE LAN, 10GE WAN and OTU1/OTU2, CPRI/ OBSAI, FC-1/2/4/8/10, EPON/GPON, etc.
• EP-Line, EVP-Line, EP-Tree, EVP-Tree, EP-LAN, EVP-LAN
• Static LSP, L2VPN and VPLS
• Up to 20G cross-connection based on VC4 or 10G cross-connection based on VC3/VC12
• G.8113.1 OAM, 802.1ag/Y.1731/SLA OAM and 802.3ah OAM
• 8 x1.25G over OTU2 and 4 x 2.5G over OTU2 multiplexer
• Transponder with 5 OTU2 ports on each card
• System management card and power supply module redundancy
• Support Auto Laser Shutdown (ALS) protection and Dying Gasp
• Redundancy and reliability with one plus one OCh and SNCP on OTN side, ITU-T G.8031 (ELPS), G.8032 (ERPS) and LAG protection on Ethernet side, MPLS-TP G.8131 LSP/PW 1:1-protection on PTN side and 1+1 MSP, SNCP, on SDH side
• via in-band and out-of-band network channels

Chassis and NMS cards
• iTN8000-II-DC, 2U/11 slot chassis
• iTN8600-II-NXU, system management and control card for iTN8600-II chassis
• iTN8600-II-NTU, optical system management and control card for iTN8600-II chassis

OTN card
• iTN8600-AO2DE: 8-way ANY service aggregation OTU2 card
• iTN8600-XD2D: 2-way 10G service OTN forwarding card

PTN card
• iTN8600-PG8: 8-way GE service interface card
• iTN8600-PX2: 2-way 10GE service interface card
• iTN8600-PE16-BL: 16-way balanced E1 CES card

SDH card
• iTN8600-SH2: 2-way STM-16 aggregation card
• iTN8600-SG16: 8/16-way FE/GE EOS card
• iTN8600-SS4: 4-way STM-1/4 tributary card

Clock card
• iTN8600-TAU: iTN8600 time processing card

Optical card
• iTN8600-DM16E: 16-wavelength DWDM multiplexing card
• iTN8600-DMU40: 40-wavelength DWDM multiplexing card
• iTN8600-DD16E1: 6-wavelength DWDM demultiplexing card
• iTN8600-DDU40: 40-wavelength DWDM demultiplexing card
• iTN8600-OMD8: 8-wavelength CWDM multiplexing and demultiplexing card
• iTN8600-DAD4D: DWDM 4-way dual-fiber bidirectional optical add/drop multiplexing card
• iTN8600-DAD8: DWDM 8-way dual-fiber unidirectional optical add/drop multiplexing card
• iTN8600-FDU: 2-way OSC multiplexing card
• iTN8600-OLP: Optical line 1+1 protection card
• iTN8600-OTU5E: 5-way enhanced bidirectional wavelength conversion card
• iTN8600-OPA: EDFA optical Pre-amplifier card
• iTN8600-OBA: EDFA optical Booster amplifier card
• iTN8600-OBA20: EDFA optical Booster amplifier card
• iTN8600-OLA20: EDFA optical Line amplifier card
• iTN8600-OPD: 10-way optical power detection card
• iTN8600-OCM: OTDR fiber detection card

PON aggregation card
• iTN8600-LEO2D: 8-way OLT-side EPON aggregation card
• iTN8600-LGO2D: 8-side OLT GPON/EPON aggregation card
• iTN8600-NO2D: 8-side ONU-side GPON/EPON aggregation card